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Arezzo Time travel experience

Travel through time as a protagonist

Every day, throughout the month of August, tourists can travel back in time thanks to the calendar “Time Travel Experience” full of events and initiatives that will offer the unmissable opportunity to discover the history, traditions and lifestyles of this land.

Through Arezzo Time Travel Experience you can transform yourself into a medieval knight of the Saracino Joust, paint a watercolor in Piazza Grande or make a fresco as it was done in the Renaissance, also weave ancient fabrics with a manual loom as did the Etruscans or participate in an itinerant representation in costume where the city is told about through the Fourteenth-century novels by Boccaccio or taking inspiration from the words of Dante Alighieri. And do not miss the opportunity to visit the old city centre with a guide who will reveal fantastic stories and mysterious legends of the Arezzo that was. 


Schedule and experiences can be found on the official website. Click here.

Stay with us and live time travel experience

Our hotel is within walking distance of all the time travel experiences.